The Frampton Sisters
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At De La Warr
Strangefruits also run a family band who busk/gig on a regular basis, often at the farmers markets, usually raising money for various charities'
They play an eclectic mix of tunes and songs, so watch this space for future performances.
to view the band in action visit you tube and type in ' The strange fruits band '.
If you Google 'Beatles Day 13' you can find us performing at 'The White Rock Theatre, Hastings last April.
We have raised several hundred pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust through our performances.
As time has moved on, so our daughters, Freddie and Charlie, have grown and become teenagers. They are now performing as ' The Frampton Sisters' and are currently in the process of recording their first Album, Which, when completed, will be available to purchase through this website and eventually elswhere.